Tuesday, November 3, 2020

As Requested, Legal Update

It's been over a year since this started and there's no clear indicator how long it'll be before a trial. Could be another year.

Since I'm in the middle of legal action, if I lie to you about what's turned up here the fact I lied could be used against me in court, so remember that when reading this...

Michelle texting me on Day One
My text exchange with Michelle, day one.

Until the trial what basically happens is both sides produce documents and try to scare the other side into settling on favorable terms. The documents so far take two forms: things from the time in question (receipts, photos, emails, etc) and signed statements from witnesses.

Both sides have had over a year to produce stuff. Here's what we got:

If you recall, Mandy’s claim is cushioned by three people: Jennifer, Hannah and Vivka.

-All of Jennifer’s claims and much of Mandy’s are about some nebulous other women offscreen that I was allegedly terrible to. Other women have indeed been asked by Mandy's legal team to testify to me being a sexual abuser and they refused—instead, two women who texted me about overtures to them and/or their friends from Mandy's team then decided to submit statements in my defense instead. 

-There’s a document of Jennifer literally saying she was fine with me but now that she’s hearing these post-break-up accusations from Mandy she is re-evaluating events from the past. Hannah was in the same position, there are lots of recorded exchanges right up to the end where Hannah’s asking me for help, sincere dating advice, etc.

-Vivka doesn’t even offer a theory about why her phantasmagoria of claims of being coerced to do various things doesn’t match the emails and texts she was sending at the time. And that email record is extensive since Mandy and I were in thousands of miles away in Montreal while Viv was moving her stuff in to our apartment, so there’s lots of friendly logistical emails, love letters, etc. despite Viv alleging later that she was somehow “forced” to move in with us. 

-Mandy gets caught undeniably lying in the documents more than once. For instance, in the very first message of the entire legal case Mandy responds to my lawyer reaching out with: "I forwarded your email to my lawyer. You won't be speaking directly with me".

But...Mandy didn't have a lawyer and admitted it in her next email.

-If anyone was expecting any documents from the time of the alleged incidents that record, report or corroborate any abuse—there aren’t any. Mandy’s neither submitted nor even promised to submit anything like that. Though there are morning-after documents like “Hey that was fun, let’s hang out again!”.

-Other than these women, there were seventeen other women who had significant regular contact with Mandy and I while we were together--family, best friends, the I Hit It With My Axe crew, lovers, etc.

-One is Satine Phoenix, who made an ambiguous public twitter statement under career-pressure (she says she saw no abuse but believed Mandy anyway). 

-The other sixteen opposed Mandy's accusations and half of them wrote statements actively supporting me in court.

-And all of them had known Mandy longer than the women who supported her claim. (And there are more statements from more witnesses on my behalf on top of that.)

-Every lawyer I talk to is baffled by the stuff Mandy's team thinks is evidence of abuse. Here's a visual aid, employing a quote from her affidavit. 

Click to enlarge

-So  given all this why is Mandy still going? I don't know, but holding to a hate-tinted view of someone you used to love is, according to doctors, consistent with the diagnosis she told me she had.

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